ULTRA PRO Tobacco Size Card Box

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Store and archive your valuable Tobacco-sized (3.7 cm × 6.7 cm) trading cards in Ultra PRO's Tobacco-sized card sleeves and toploaders with this clear, easy-to-use storage box made with archival-safe polypropylene material. Clear, see-through walls allow you to quickly check the contents to ensure you are pulling the right collection of Tobacco cards, while a write-on strip on top allows you to label and easily identify the right set. This Tobacco Card Box is sized to hold Tobacco size cards in Ultra PRO Sleeves and Toploaders. The box is divided into two compartments which separate your collection into two rows. (Tobacco cards, sleeves and toploaders not included)

  • Holds 50 Tobacco sized cards in Ultra PRO Toploaders (84869)
  • Fits in Ultra PRO Deluxe Sports Case (85515)
  • Write-on strip for easy archiving
  • Self-locking lid keeps content secure
  • Use with Ultra PRO Tobacco Toploaders (84869) & Tobacco Sleeves (84868)